“The Application that Informs You About the Expenses of Medical Procedures”

Dependent upon where you reside in the country, healthcare costs vary widely among providers. Do you ever wish there was an app which provided all procedures with rating scales so you could easily assess if you’re being charged correctly in one convenient place?





Healthcare Blue Book for iOS devices provides consumers with price information for healthcare services and products. It provides an accurate price estimate when paying cash at the time of treatment, thus helping to guide consumers when selecting services or purchasing products from healthcare providers.








This app compiles this data using a payment model used by many high-quality healthcare providers who accept insurance company payments as full payment – it typically falls less than their “billed charges” total amount.






Apps such as this one on one’s handheld device can be invaluable assets if one works in healthcare, consumes healthcare services or both – and these benefits extend far beyond any industry affiliation or consumer status.












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