Effective Strategies to Boost Your Exercise Motivation in 2023

Doing exercise and wanting to do exercise are two completely separate matters, yet they go hand-in-hand. If you have gained weight due to lifestyle constraints over the last two or three years, chances are you are among hundreds of thousands of Australians trying to get in better shape; we all desire it but motivating ourselves out of that armchair can be dauntingly hard work – we have fallen into bad habits so now it is up to us all to change them for good!

One way to change your mindset and get you motivated again to exercise is to attend an affordable fitness retreat that specializes in both fitness and nutrition. Here you will receive expert advice with regards to both areas, from people who genuinely want you in shape. Additionally, here are other top ways you can motivate yourself to exercise more this year:

Mind over Matter – Negative thoughts will doom your exercise routines and efforts to get in shape, no matter how hard you try. Everyone finds motivation difficult but exercise should not be seen as something to avoid but essential for good health – once you start working out regularly you should feel happier, healthier, and physically and mentally stronger than ever!

Set Yourself Simplistic Goals – Don’t set an unachievable goal that demotivates, as this could prove immensely demotivating. Don’t give yourself any reason not to exercise; giving up is easy while sticking it out requires perseverance.

Draw Up A Schedule And Stick To It – When setting out to develop an exercise regimen, creating and adhering to a schedule is key to staying with it. Start small; perhaps working out first thing in the morning could help kick-start your day right! Look on social media and see if any groups exist that you could join; this may help encourage your commitment.

No matter which form of exercise you prefer, be sure to incorporate resistance training two to three times each week into your fitness regime. Resistance training becomes even more essential as we age as it allows us to remain flexible enough to lead more active lifestyles. If it helps, make a bet with a friend that you will stick with your healthy lifestyle plan and eventually shed extra weight – then do so.


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