“Exploring CellAtlas: A Student Guide to Blood Cell Morphology – An In-Depth App Review”

CellaVision, one of the pioneering developers in automating and classifying peripheral blood smear cells, has produced this useful iPhone app called CellAtlas to give medical students more motivation when using this tool! Featuring mini lectures by leading hematology experts as well as an expansive cell image database, CellAtlas gives medical students added incentive for using this application!

“Three Key Components of CellAtlas”

1.CellAtlas, as its brandname suggests, features short descriptions and key findings of various cells found in blood, including RBCs (erythrocytes), cell stages involved in RBC development/maturation processes, WBCs/leukocytes/platelets (thrombocytes).

2.CellQuiz gives users the opportunity to assess their knowledge through answering picture based quizzes in 60 seconds – perfect for students requiring review in morphology.

3.Thirdly, Video Section CellaVision analyzers offer an excellent means for visually illustrating their technology: the DM1200 and DM96 are two examples.



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