Advancements in the Management of Varicose Veins and Spider Veins

Modern medicine is continually expanding our options when it comes to treating whatever ails us. When it comes to vein treatments, this innovation has expanded patient options – no longer do patients face painful procedures and uncertain results from vein stripping; now there are more permanent solutions than ever available for varicose and spider vein care! Let’s take a look at them together.

In the past, invasive procedures like vein stripping and phlebectomy were commonly used to address varicose vein pain. Performed at hospitals and often uncomfortable for the patient, results weren’t guaranteed either – with 50% chance that varicose veins returned after this treatment option! Thanks to advances in vascular health however, these painful practices are almost no longer practiced; with minimally invasive vein therapies now providing gentler yet equally effective remedies in just an hour’s time!



Varicose veins can be identified by their prominent, twisting appearance against the surface of your skin and by associated cramps, itching, burning and restlessness as they progress further toward chronic venous insufficiency. Most insurance providers recognize varicose veins as medical condition and coverage is available for those seeking treatment.



Modern advances in minimally invasive techniques make treatment possible in just 40 minutes from when you walk into a vein clinic to when you drive or walk yourself home again. Approved by the FDA, these innovative treatments are provided at Metro Vein Centers by board-certified vascular surgeons, physicians, and vein specialists – with no overnight hospital stays or lengthy downtime required after each session, these modern innovations in vein care offer meaningful relief that makes meaningful relief possible for millions across America.
Radiofrequency ablation (RFA) is usually the first step in any vein treatment plan and forms the cornerstone for its success. RFA uses pulsed radiofrequency energy to alleviate painful or uncomfortable symptoms associated with vein disease. A vein specialist inserts a small tube into unhealthy veins; when radiofrequency energy starts pulsating and emitting heat – none of which you will feel while under local anesthesia – your vein will close gently while blood circulation reroutes through healthier ones.
Sclerotherapy is widely considered the “gold standard” in treating varicose veins – as well as spider veins – using an injectable foam solution injected directly into small veins, where it adheres to their walls and closes them off quickly after injection causing blood to quickly flow back through them and be reabsorbed by the body. After treatment, circulation improves while its target vein’s visible appearance vanishes completely.
VenaSeal, one of the newest innovations in varicose vein treatment, is an FDA-approved medical bioadhesive that’s administered via small catheter using ultrasound guidance to target diseased veins. Only one injection is necessary to get results with VenaSeal: easy, safe, and effective results after only six months are shown by clinical studies – proven 99% success rates after six months! Furthermore, compression stockings don’t need to be worn post treatment since its hardening within your veins provides healthy graduated pressure from within.
Spider veins are considered superficial cosmetic issues by insurance companies, thus precluding coverage for treatments. There may be exceptions if your spider veins are symptomatic and evidence of vein disease is present alongside them; in these instances both minimally invasive and non-invasive treatment options exist that provide reliable long-term solutions.
Cutera’s excel V+ Laser is an innovative new treatment technology that allows us to treat veins from the outside – without incisions or injections – by targeting lasers on small and medium spider veins on legs. Specifically developed to minimize their appearance on legs, this treatment uses highly precise laser beams to eliminate unsightly and unhealthy veins at their source on skin surfaces.
Sclerotherapy can be used to effectively treat spider veins as well as smaller varicose veins by injecting medical-grade foam directly into their surface pigmentation, as described above.
Metro Vein Centers makes comfort a priority. Our team of vein specialists customize personalized care plans tailored to fit the unique symptoms and lifestyle needs of each of our patients, providing optimal results in vein care solutions. We work directly with both you and your insurance provider to maximize coverage of treatments; additionally, your initial evaluation with one of our board-certified vein doctors is free! To schedule one of these free sessions today simply give our patient care team a call on 866-353-5230 or schedule online and let us do the rest – we are here for help!

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