Four Strategies for Alleviating Back Pain While Seated

Back pain is a prevalent experience among people of all ages and backgrounds, from those experiencing it suddenly (acutely) to worsening gradually over time (chronically). Additionally, many find their backache worsens with prolonged sitting times; and in certain cases worsening symptoms may worsen when sitting for prolonged periods.

Modern lifestyles tend to be highly sedentary; most people spend most of their day sitting at desks for work and drive back home in cars afterward before relaxing on a sofa watching television at home all evening long. Leading an increasingly sedentary existence increases risk for back pain development while worsening preexisting pains.

Now there are steps you can take to relieve back pain when sitting, and we have listed four effective pain-relieving techniques below. For further advice about decreasing back pain severity while driving, Snugl provides more advice in its guide.

Maintaining Correct Seated Posture

When sitting, make sure that both shoulders and back rest against the backrest of the chair. Your hips should form an angle with your torso while knees should form an angle with your shins; your feet should remain flat on the floor.

When typing on a keyboard at an office desk, your elbows should remain close to your body for maximum comfort and to prevent neck strain or additional backache. Your computer screen should also be placed at eye level in order to minimize straining of neck muscles and further back discomfort.

Investing in an Ergonomic Chair

Ergonomic chairs are created with optimal posture in mind. These special chairs offer great lumbar support while supporting your natural curvature of the spine.

Make sure that the height of the chair is adjusted correctly in order to maintain an ideal sitting posture, as mentioned previously. With proper lumbar support and good posture, avoiding back pain even when sitting for long periods is easy!





Incorporate Regular Stretching

Whether you’re sitting down at work for several hours or you’re stuck on a long-haul journey, you should aim to stretch regularly. While there’s little you can do to avoid prolonged sitting if this is what your job or travel plans require, you can reduce the risk of back pain by taking breaks to stretch your legs.

If you can, take a short walk around the block every hour or so at work. Pull over to the side of the road if you’re on a long drive so you can walk around and stretch your legs before returning to the car.




Engage in Stretching Exercises While Sitting

Consider doing some seated stretches when sitting for long hours and beginning to experience backache. Stretch your hamstring, twist your spine, or perform shoulder or head rolls – anything to help keep your body active throughout the day!

Regular stretching will prevent muscle stiffness and soreness while improving flexibility. Stretching also increases blood flow to your muscles while you sit still, which may alleviate aches and pains as well as boost concentration abilities.

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