Emerging Healthcare Careers for the Next Ten Years

As our population expands, health care must adapt accordingly. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), many new jobs will be created between 2012 and 2022 in health care-related fields and social assistance services. By 2022, according to estimates by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), nearly five million new jobs will have been created–or at least one-third of new employment opportunities will exist. As opposed to jobs in retail that become stagnant over time, medical care jobs offer plenty of opportunity for career progression and offer attractive salaries. The Affordable Care Act is shifting focus toward outpatient services, and as baby boomers age there is an increased demand for home health care services. Furthermore, job creation may increase because many professionals in these professions are nearing retirement age and less people are studying to fill these jobs despite attractive salaries and good working conditions.

Heart surgeons, oncologists and other high-level professionals in the medical field may command six figure salaries; nurse practitioners, podiatrists and pharmacists often make over $50,000 annually as well. While these roles typically offer stress-free work environments, if you enroll in one of Philadelphia’s nursing schools you will find that being an RN (registered nurse) can be physically demanding yet highly rewarding when considering salaries, growth potential and job satisfaction.

Prominent Healthcare Occupations Expected to Expand Over the Next Ten Years

By 2022, physical therapist demand will increase by 36%. A physical therapist earns an annual median salary of $79,860 and requires completion of a three-year Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) postgraduate course for licensing; some institutes accept undergraduate pre-professional courses instead of Bachelor degrees as qualifying criteria for DPT courses. Physical therapy is a rewarding profession where professionals work one-on-one with people to restore better health.

Pharmacist careers are expected to experience 14% growth by 2022 and offer an average annual salary of over $116,670 with many opportunities for flexibility after completion of a 4-year PharmD program post bachelor’s or associate’s degree. While drug stores employ pharmacists directly, hospital pharmacists work more closely as clinical analysts alongside physicians while dispensing drugs through machines is completed less stressfully than working at a store.

Podiatrist careers are rewarding and are projected to experience 23 percent compound annual growth by 2022. Unfortunately, current demand and future projections exceed supply of podiatrists; salaries rank second after pharmacists.

Professions which pay well and grow include dentistry, nurse practitioner, physician, dental hygienist, registered nurse, physician assistant, diagnostic medical sonographer, occupational therapists/occupation therapy assistants/estheticians/medical equipment repairers/dietitians and nutritionists, radiologic technologists/radiology technologists/marriage and family therapists etc. Many of these jobs offer stress-free employment with flexible hours. Hospitals/clinics/private practices make great places to work; job satisfaction levels in such industries is very high when working within such sectors/industries/industries today!


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