10 Warning Signals of Oral Cancer You Shouldn’t Overlook

As you take care to maintain healthy teeth and gums, cancer may not be at the top of your mind; but mouth cancer can develop at any time, so here are some early oral signs to watch out for and contact a dentist immediately if needed.

1.Understanding Halitosis

Halitosis, commonly referred to as chronic bad breath, can be caused by any number of conditions; for example, tumors in the mouth can drain blood supply away and form ulcers which become infected and cause putrid odors from within your mouth – seeking the attention of Bridgewater family dentists will allow them to help take care of this before it’s too late!

2.Understanding Ear Pain

Earaches may be caused by something occurring somewhere else inside your skull, like oral cancer. Nerves outside the mouth connect to other parts of the brain as well, leading to pain in other parts of your ear and skull.

3.Involuntary Weight Loss

Cancerous tumors may spread throughout your body and lead to substantial weight loss, prompting you to seek medical advice immediately if this occurs. If this happens to you, don’t delay in seeking professional assistance – contact a physician as soon as possible for treatment and advice.

4.Oral Ulcers

An individual’s mouth sore is typically harmless and will clear up on its own; however, sometimes they can be an indication of something more serious if they persist for longer than two weeks. The texture of the sore may also provide clues to what might be going on: generally they’re thin and soft while cancerous tumors have thick, hard surfaces which bleed regularly.

5.Numb Sensation in the Mouth

An oral tumor can damage nerves and lead to some localized numbness in an isolated part of your mouth, usually preceded by pain for several months beforehand.

6.Neck Lump

Those over 40 should suspect any lump in their neck as being cancer until it can be proven otherwise, because oral cancer often spreads into lymph nodes located just under your jawline, creating lumps which might indicate malignancy.

7.Discomfort in the Tongue

When pain strikes the tongue, it can be debilitating. So if you experience discomfort in your tongue, that should be taken as a signal that something serious has arisen and should not wait to see if it passes on its own.


8.Red or White Patches

These blotches can appear on your gums, tongue, or the roof of your mouth, and could be a sign that you have cancer. Seek medical attention immediately if they last more than 2 weeks.

9.Lax Teeth

If your teeth seem loose for no apparent dental reason, it could be an indicator that oral cancer exists.

10.Stiffness in the Tongue or Jaw

Your tongue and jaw should be easily moveable parts of your body; however, if they seem difficult to move freely then there could be an obstruction blocking their movement – possibly in the form of an unusual tumor forming.

Oral cancer should never be taken lightly as it can spread quickly and impact other areas of your health. Seek medical assistance immediately from a dentist if any symptoms arise;



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