Using Synthetic Urine for Drug Test Success

Can Fake Urine Be Employed in a Drug Test?

If you want to use fake pee as an antidrug test evasion method, it is essential that you understand its process for both preparation and actual drug test procedures. While using fake urine may work, its proper execution must also be undertaken; some brands of fake pee are superior and some testing companies monitor for it specifically; therefore don’t assume just any method or brand will do; be selective of brand, method and actual drug test procedures to ensure successful evasion.

Understanding Synthetic Urine

Fake pee, or synthetic urine, is a powdered mixture composed of all of the chemicals found in natural urine. When mixed together in its dry mix form, fake pee should look, smell, and froth exactly like regular pee. If your goal is to pass a drug test using fake urine as the medium then your mix needs to look, smell, and froth just like real pee; not all brands of synthetic urine do an equal job creating this effect.

Temperature can help distinguish fake from natural urine easily. Human bodies produce urine at temperatures between 96 and 100 degrees, so to recreate its natural characteristics you will need to heat synthetic urine using either microwaves or heating pads in order to get it there. Some brands even include heating crystals which activate when mixed.

Where to Purchase Top-Quality Brands of Synthetic Urine

Synthetic urine cannot be purchased at Walmart or Costco due to state laws prohibiting its sale as a means to bypass drug tests, thus forcing its sale as novelty items at sex stores and smoke shops instead of Walmart or Costco. Furthermore, higher quality brands of synthetic urine are only sold online and cannot be bought physically.

Preparing Synthetic Urine for a Drug Test: Step-by-Step Guide


If you plan to use fake urine to avoid drug tests, then it is imperative that its composition is prepared properly. Although the steps are straightforward, failing to adhere to them could result in testing failures. First, mix dry powder into water; second, warm up the solution via microwave (the easiest method available to us); finally test its temperature with an accurate digital thermometer before proceeding further with your plan.

Once your solution has reached the ideal temperature, you can carry it using a concealed waist bag or flash. To keep the solution warm during travel, a disposable hand-warming heat pad may be used as necessary.

Your top concern when testing should be how and what tests look for. Make sure you understand how the testing center conducts their exams – most don’t check pants or watch you pee, making a sack-in-underwear situation simple and unobtrusive. However, some centers test for biocide (a preservative commonly found in fake urine). Also note that testing centers don’t test pee for gender; their kits work for any person regardless of race/gender identity.

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